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WYRD is an homage to the invisible world.
WYRD begins in our minds and ends at our fingertips.
WYRD celebrates the pursuit of wisdom; guided by our intuition and understood through our intellect.
WYRD recognizes the symbolic power of creation, and strives to use this power for the development of our collective psyche.
WYRD rejects the modern dogmas of dualism, binarism, and materialism; it embraces fluidity and the doctrine of correspondence.
WYRD recognizes that the mythology of our culture is vain and moribund, and only through spirited creation we may envision our future.
WYRD is an exercise in fate; a belief that our intentions and our practice forge our future.

WYRD (pronounced "weird") is an old Germanic word roughly translating to "destiny". It implies the future is influenced throughout the course of our lives; not imagined as a static, predetermined fate. It is the ancestor of the modern word "weird" - something strange and unknowable.