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Olivia Elaine Lorber I am a Milwaukee based visual artist with a focus in surreal painting and drawing. I received my BFA from the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design in 2022. My current body of work is heavily informed by themes of mental health and personal mythology.
Chrystal Dawn Chrystal is inspired by our natural world and the folklore that helped shape us.
Alex Heathen
Nick Naudi Nick Naudi is an artist and writer in Milwaukee, WI whose work explores the intimate power of storytelling and story-making.
Veera Kaamos Pitkänen Veera Kaamos Pitkänen is a Finnish artist, poet, author and practicer of Left Hand Path, sex magic & witchcraft.
Thomas M. Krajna Resurgence of (de)sign beyond the human to facilitate autonomy, modality, and creativity.
tm r. tm is a writer, musician and enthusiast of everything linguistically fine, meaningfully odd, or experientially obscure.
Walt B. Reid Walt would like, as best as he is able, to corner you and ask you a question you had never considered before. He'd really like it to be pleasant along the way, though!
Max Schaller Max Schaller is a cartoonist in Columbus OH who makes some wild shit.
Veronica Bestul Veronica Bestul is an average rat roaming around Milwaukee - digging in garbage, staying up all night. Sometimes she sells thrift clothes. Sometimes she makes art. Any idea that comes out of this rodential brain is guaranteed to be untrained and seriously against the status quo.
Austin Newton A hard worker.
Drew Dubs
Jennifer Bastian All of my current bodies of work focus on grief, love, self discovery, and ritual. Quilt work and candle lighting currently consume my art practice, informed by the symbols and stories my daughter shares with me.
Ashley Hartman Annis Ashley (she / they) is a full spectrum birthworker (birth, abortion, miscarriage), a fertility / reproduction educator, a somatic practitioner, & a zine maker in Madison, WI.
Ladasia Bryant Ladasia Bryant is a fine artist and curator. She creates paintings that speak to black culture and religion, the different emotions religion and culture can evoke to create empowerment in one's upbringing, but also an uncomfortably as we grow older with the choice of our own religious paths. Her work encompasses lessons about grief and healing.
Sea Green Milwaukee based multimedia artist. Finding symbiosis in the grotesque and divine.
Pacific Purgatory Pacific Purgatory is the music project Pax. It is designed to create vivid imagery that pulls from both fiction and the tangible.
Sam Anderson Sam Anderson (they/she) is a poet & multi-disciplinary artist currently based in Cincinnati Ohio. Sam's artistic process primarily wraps around the robot that is capitalism, challenging the mindsets of consumerism as well as sentimentality. Currently, Sam is working on their next manuscript that is centered around magic.
Sonya Xiong
Midwest Cyborg Lee Judilla is a queer, Filipino-American multidisciplinary artist currently based in Milwaukee, WI. Drawn to the liminal space the aestheticized Asian body, they use digital and analog technologies to understand "the anime girl" as a religious idol, childhood friend, (un)comfort object, and cyborg.

LJ "Null" Osborne Illustrator-maker-fellow, queer apparition lurking in Lower Appalachia, conjurer of images and worlds and objects diligently crafted.
MAJA RENN Departing from the practice of conscious dreaming, I combine minimalist drawing and movement to create modular compositions in perpetual becoming. Through my work, I explore how human bodies, viewed through a post-humanist perspective, may form collective, symbiotic organisms and embody visions for more response-able futures.
LILY HUNTER Lily Hunter is an artist from Toledo, Ohio who uses monsters as representations of emotions, lessons, and thoughts.
M.O. GUZMAN M.O. Guzman (commonly known as “Mace”) is an artist of many names and mediums including film, video, 35mm photography, collage, performance, and sculpture. Their work explores in-between and fringe identity, subcultures, movement, and dissociative experiences within and outside of A Body.
Jess Storey Jess is a writer based in Berlin, Germany.
Freek Wallagh Freek Wallagh is an Amsterdam-based poet, painter and academic. His work concerns occult symbolism, opacity and hidden messages. He draws inspiration from his Jewish identity, as well as mythology and archeology.
Rocio Herrera Rocio Herrera is an artist born on 26 November 1992 in Cordoba, Argentina. Herrera proposes a dialogue through the sensitive body, an analysis that she call “Internal visualizations, forms and colors”.
Emily Sofaly Emily Sofaly (b. 1993) is a French-American artist who lives and works in London. Her contemplative paintings and poems broach notions of self and female otherness through explorations of storytelling, mysticism and unseen worlds.
Deanna Schneider Deanna is a bisexual poet & artist out of the Midwest. In her work, she likes to explore small magic in the finite parts of life. You may find her reveling in moonlight or placing googly eyes in public spaces.
Alla Dmitrievna Alla Dmitrievna is a Ukrainian animator and graphic artist, currently based in Porto, Portugal, working at OKNa cultural center. Her inspiration comes from life observing, which her inner fantasy transforms into physical form as artwork full of fantastical bizarre elements, creating together own universe.
PHEONIX / alt link I am an illustrative artist, professional tattooist, novice musician, vegan food and animal enthusiast, greenhorn traveler, and complicated anarchist. I am from Wisconsin but I like to wander.
HEXADA A queer, other kind neurodivergent trauma survivor passionate in nature, magick, tech and art of all kinds.