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Olivia Elaine Lorber Olivia Elaine Lorber is an artist living and working in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Her paintings explore the whimsical relationship between self and nature. Olivia investigates the areas where human characteristics and the natural world become a kindred pair.
Christian Degn Christian Degn Petersen is an artist, illustrator, and musician living in Provo, UT.
Sarah Soryal Sarah Soryal is an Egyptian-American designer, recent college graduate, and full-time optimist. Visit to take a peek into her little world!
Peter Rozakis Peter is a 3D modeler and illustrator working in Madison, Wisconsin. He is really into amphibians.
Madalena Botto Witch, writer, and artist residing predominantly in forest glens.
Lily Solheim lily irene solheim is a hopeless romantic, artist and designer based in Milwaukee, WI. Bright visuals coupled with melancholic undertones, solheim’s work explores themes of love, grief, longing, and comfort. Assembling fragments of iconographies with text, her work serves as emblems and documentations of resurfaced memories.
Morphic Rooms Morphic Rooms is a collaborative collage laboratory founded in 2021 by allison anne (they/them) and Jeremy P. Bushnell (he/him). Together they run NONMACHINABLE, an organization that publishes and distributes optically interesting zines and artist’s publications.
allison anne allison anne is a multidisciplinary artist based in Minnesota on unceded Očhéthi Šakówiŋ land. Through their work with paper and focus on abstract collage, allison creates complex textural, intuitive abstractions and configurations exploring the intersections and interactions between context, materiality and creativity.
Bijan Salamati
"PATADIGM" / alt link "PATADIGM" is an autonomous design milieu dissected by the vanguard Thomas Krajna. We are a collective hailing from WI focusing on the intersection of paradigm shifts and ‘Pataphysics.

Mary Sellars Mary is a wildlife ecologist and educator who watches the birds, plays outside, and teaches place-relational work in communities.
Abigail Cruz Abigail Cruz, an emerging artist, delicately explores transparency, memory, and space. Through ethereal compositions, she unveils the subtle dance of our bodies in space, inviting viewers to feel the softness that binds our collective existence.
Annika k. Johnson, ph. D. Annika K. Johnson, Ph.D., is a curator, writer, and musician based in Omaha, Nebraska. She currently serves as curator of Native American art at Joslyn Art Museum.
Hannah Lee Hall Hannah Lee Hall is a visual artist and writer based in St. Paul, Minnesota. She co-runs Dog Eye Press, an independent Twin Cities based publishing project.
Cece Wettemann Cece is an experimental artist, writer, and researcher living in Seattle.
Deanna Schneider Deanna Schneider a poet and artist based in the Midwest. She likes to explore small magic in the finite with her work. You can usually find her chatting with strangers at craft fairs.
Amber Rose Ostaszewski Amber has been fascinated with textiles and fibercraft since childhood. She draws on her heritage to inform her practice and enjoys making work that is whimsical and inspires re-enchantment with one’s everyday life.
Jenna Koch Jenna Koch is a poet living in Milwaukee, WI. She is currently working on a chapbook focused on textiles. In her free time, she likes to play with her cat, apply to jobs, and walk by the lake.
Anja Notanja Sieger Anja Notanja Sieger is always up to something whether it is typewriter poetry, shadow puppetry, hat making, community art, comics or comedy. Visit to order a custom insult or a message from outer space. Tune into her podcast, "The Subtle Forces" if you want further weird times.
Ms. Amber Moth Ms. Amber Moth is an artist/musician making art for fellow weirdos. She often combines contradictory themes from macabre and surreal to cute and lovely. Finding the inherent beauty and accompanying darkness in everything.
Drew Dubbs Drew Dubs graduated from DAAP (Design, Architecture, Art and Planning) with his BFA in 2020. Prior to this he had the fortune to work with artist and printer Mark Patsfall of Clay Street Press where he honed his printing techniques. He is currently living and practicing in Cincinnati, OH.

Infernal Viceroy aka Hasatan Witch Being an illustrator from the countryside of Indiana, I like to create pieces that are based on duality. Inspiration comes from that stream of consciousness we each tailor to our own rationale and I hope I can share this with you!
ALEX MOONSANG Alex Moonsang is an Orlando-based artist whose work focuses on ethereal figures and dreamlike settings. Alex is a graphic designer, watercolorist, and book artist. Their work is influenced by mythology, magic, nature, and their Asian-American heritage.
MILD FEVER I use indiscriminate experimental futility to express thoughts, conjure ideas, and adapt craft processes that leave physical and psychic traces of attitude.
Hailey Ardyce F.
JUSTIN PENNA Justin Penna is an artist based out of Detroit, MI. He is interested in fantasy realms of all varieties; and regularly summons creatures.
MARJ GABER Marj Gaber is an illustrator and cartoonist from Michigan. She's been self-publishing comix and zines since 2018, she also likes being loud about movies and petting other people's cats.
Natalia Rzepinska Photographer tryna to find a style....or just gawk at pretty things!
IRENE CARDINAL Irene Cardinal is an artist and stray dog living in Milwaukee. She runs a small press called Now Eleanor's, through which her other writing is available.
Casey Harrison DARK AGE (Casey 'KC' Harrison) is a Midwest-based studio creating illustration, design, and narrative works of contemporary mythology; specializing in screen printing and risography as graphic-based apparel and small-press literature.
JOHNNY WILLEMS Johnny is an artist, writer, and zinemaker who specializes in making meaning from late parking tickets, scrap paper, and buddhist sutras to make CLEAR TRUTH. Manifesting as a graffiti tag, a multimedia magazine, art collective, and mantra you can find CLEAR TRUTH in a zine near you.
KATIE BAKER Katie Baker is an artist working in Cincinnati, Ohio. Her artistic practice is based in drawing. She’s a fan of birds, bats, and is ok with ghosts.
DEANNA SCHNEIDER Deanna Schneider is a poet & artist out of the Midwest. In her work, she likes to explore small magic in the finite parts of life. You may find her walking in local parks searching for treasures.
RAMONA VANCE I create horror media across multiple planes, including music, digital and physical collage, photography, paint, and video. Most recently notable is my ongoing series “Angel Society,” which utilizes repurposed vintage assets to tell a story of conspiracy, bloodlust, and worldwide upheaval.
DESI DISTEL My art is all about embracing change and mistakes, while I might still be a high schooler I'm really working on getting my art out into the world while still learning and maturing through life.
KELLY AGIUS Kelly Agius is a Detroit-based artist who's work explores the underworld as a psychological, mythological, and supernatural realm. Agius holds a MFA in Sculpture from Cranbrook Academy of Art and a BFA from College for Creative Studies.
Cecelia Stadler

Lesley Numbers Lesley Numbers is an artist, educator and mama from Madison, WI who is inspired by the magic of love, music, plants and puppies.
Kei New An artist who loves nature, weird stories, and art.
Peter Burzyński Peter Buzyński, PhD (he/they) works as the Book Center Manager at Woodland Pattern Book Center in Milwaukee. In Fall 2023 Burzyński will serve as a Postdoctoral Fulbright Scholar in the Slovak Republic teaching graduate courses in literature. He is the son of immigrants who call him on the phone every day.
Caitlyn Pace
Neil Majeski
Kassandra Palmer
Eric Bartholomew Eric Bartholomew writes the zine “Junk Drawer”, about ephemera and things we keep.
Jesse Farber Jesse Farber constructs uncanny environments from scanned photographic fragments. He exhibits throughout the US and Europe, and co-organizes projects with other artists through Site Site Parasite. Jesse currently lives in Berlin.
Natalia Rzepinska Based in Berlin, Natalia is a video editor and amateur photographer. Major influences include; German Expressionism, existential philosophy, intersectional feminism, and the magical and macabre. When not working on projects, Natalia is going to flea markets, reading vampire novels, and cuddling with their cat.
Brian Uhl
Bug Leafly
T.J. Blanco Jordan "T.J." Blanco b.1998, is a a Latinx, non-binary, experimental filmmaker based in Milwaukee, WI interested in ancestral memory, mythic construction and the everyday absurdity of life under Neoliberalist Late Stage Capitalism.
Jennavieve Growel
Sawyer Gilding
paupowpow paupowpow is a digital artist whose work features the blocky pixels and limited color palette of 90s computing. her art has a graphical and whimsical nature and often deals with fleeting and nostalgic sentiments.
Dane McCarthy Hobbyist cartoonist from Western Australia.

Olivia Elaine Lorber I am a Milwaukee based visual artist with a focus in surreal painting and drawing. I received my BFA from the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design in 2022. My current body of work is heavily informed by themes of mental health and personal mythology.
Chrystal Dawn Chrystal is inspired by our natural world and the folklore that helped shape us.
Alex Heathen
Nick Naudi Nick Naudi is an artist and writer in Milwaukee, WI whose work explores the intimate power of storytelling and story-making.
Veera Kaamos Pitkänen Veera Kaamos Pitkänen is a Finnish artist, poet, author and practicer of Left Hand Path, sex magic & witchcraft.
Thomas M. Krajna Resurgence of (de)sign beyond the human to facilitate autonomy, modality, and creativity.
tm r. tm is a writer, musician and enthusiast of everything linguistically fine, meaningfully odd, or experientially obscure.
Walt B. Reid Walt would like, as best as he is able, to corner you and ask you a question you had never considered before. He'd really like it to be pleasant along the way, though!
Max Schaller Max Schaller is a cartoonist in Columbus OH who makes some wild shit.
Veronica Bestul Veronica Bestul is an average rat roaming around Milwaukee - digging in garbage, staying up all night. Sometimes she sells thrift clothes. Sometimes she makes art. Any idea that comes out of this rodential brain is guaranteed to be untrained and seriously against the status quo.
Austin Newton A hard worker.
Drew Dubs
Jennifer Bastian All of my current bodies of work focus on grief, love, self discovery, and ritual. Quilt work and candle lighting currently consume my art practice, informed by the symbols and stories my daughter shares with me.
Ashley Hartman Annis Ashley (she / they) is a full spectrum birthworker (birth, abortion, miscarriage), a fertility / reproduction educator, a somatic practitioner, & a zine maker in Madison, WI.
Ladasia Bryant Ladasia Bryant is a fine artist and curator. She creates paintings that speak to black culture and religion, the different emotions religion and culture can evoke to create empowerment in one's upbringing, but also an uncomfortably as we grow older with the choice of our own religious paths. Her work encompasses lessons about grief and healing.
Sea Green Milwaukee based multimedia artist. Finding symbiosis in the grotesque and divine.
Pacific Purgatory Pacific Purgatory is the music project Pax. It is designed to create vivid imagery that pulls from both fiction and the tangible.
Sam Anderson Sam Anderson (they/she) is a poet & multi-disciplinary artist currently based in Cincinnati Ohio. Sam's artistic process primarily wraps around the robot that is capitalism, challenging the mindsets of consumerism as well as sentimentality. Currently, Sam is working on their next manuscript that is centered around magic.
Sonya Xiong
Midwest Cyborg Lee Judilla is a queer, Filipino-American multidisciplinary artist currently based in Milwaukee, WI. Drawn to the liminal space the aestheticized Asian body, they use digital and analog technologies to understand "the anime girl" as a religious idol, childhood friend, (un)comfort object, and cyborg.

LJ "Null" Osborne Illustrator-maker-fellow, queer apparition lurking in Lower Appalachia, conjurer of images and worlds and objects diligently crafted.
MAJA RENN Departing from the practice of conscious dreaming, I combine minimalist drawing and movement to create modular compositions in perpetual becoming. Through my work, I explore how human bodies, viewed through a post-humanist perspective, may form collective, symbiotic organisms and embody visions for more response-able futures.
LILY HUNTER Lily Hunter is an artist from Toledo, Ohio who uses monsters as representations of emotions, lessons, and thoughts.
M.O. GUZMAN M.O. Guzman (commonly known as “Mace”) is an artist of many names and mediums including film, video, 35mm photography, collage, performance, and sculpture. Their work explores in-between and fringe identity, subcultures, movement, and dissociative experiences within and outside of A Body.
Jess Storey Jess is a writer based in Berlin, Germany.
Freek Wallagh Freek Wallagh is an Amsterdam-based poet, painter and academic. His work concerns occult symbolism, opacity and hidden messages. He draws inspiration from his Jewish identity, as well as mythology and archeology.
Rocio Herrera Rocio Herrera is an artist born on 26 November 1992 in Cordoba, Argentina. Herrera proposes a dialogue through the sensitive body, an analysis that she call “Internal visualizations, forms and colors”.
Emily Sofaly Emily Sofaly (b. 1993) is a French-American artist who lives and works in London. Her contemplative paintings and poems broach notions of self and female otherness through explorations of storytelling, mysticism and unseen worlds.
Deanna Schneider Deanna is a bisexual poet & artist out of the Midwest. In her work, she likes to explore small magic in the finite parts of life. You may find her reveling in moonlight or placing googly eyes in public spaces.
Alla Dmitrievna Alla Dmitrievna is a Ukrainian animator and graphic artist, currently based in Porto, Portugal, working at OKNa cultural center. Her inspiration comes from life observing, which her inner fantasy transforms into physical form as artwork full of fantastical bizarre elements, creating together own universe.
PHEONIX / alt link I am an illustrative artist, professional tattooist, novice musician, vegan food and animal enthusiast, greenhorn traveler, and complicated anarchist. I am from Wisconsin but I like to wander.
HEXADA A queer, other kind neurodivergent trauma survivor passionate in nature, magick, tech and art of all kinds.